Imagine . . .

Imagine a ski shop that you want to hang out in. A ski shop where the staff is happy to see you walk through the door, can't wait to hear how the conditions were last weekend, and offer you a cup of coffee, just in case you want to stay and chat some more.

Imagine a ski shop full of technicians and service reps that know when it's time to get down to business and figure out why your shins start killing you half way into your second ski run. Knowledgeable staff that know exactly how to tweak, tune, and even take the blow torch to your boots, bindings, and skis to create the perfect balance of form, fit, and function. Listeners who discuss your needs, your goals, and your concerns, and then develop the best solution for you.  

Now, Imagine the same type of service for rock climbing and backpacking. A salesperson who knows the tips and techniques for almost every crag  and trail within 100 miles. One that not only uses every piece of equipment they sell, but stakes their life on it. They'll tell you what you do and don't need, draw you a map, and send you out the door confident in having the best climbing or hiking day possible. 

It exists. It's the way we have been doing business for years and our customers tell us it's a good thing. What's more, we're getting even better. We've taken a look at every service, every product, every program, and every process and decided it is time to get Elevated.

The 2014-2015 season will usher in a new legacy for Elevation Sports, Southern Idaho skiing, climbing, and backpacking, and all of our exceptional customers who have supported us all these years. We are truly excited about the years to come and we can't wait to see your reactions to all the changes that are coming your way. 

For now, keep in touch, stay informed, prepare to be rocked, and Get Elevated.


Ryan, Jackie, Ken, Jaden, Todd, Gage, and Jason